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  • What is Voxtale?

    Voxtale is a puzzle game in which you'll get to build and collect 3D models in a fantastic and pixelated adven...

  • Who is Screeny?

    Screeny is a sweet, moody and whimsical android that will guide you in your mission to rebuild the world destr...

  • What do the Islands contain and how do I unlock them?

    The Islands are locations you have to rebuild. Each Island has its own history and, with Screeny's help, you'l...

  • What are the Stages?

    Stages are places in the map where you need to build specific Models in order to move forward. They are part o...

  • What is the Hypercube?

    The Hypercube is what links you to the chaos caused by the Event. It's the aftermath of the disaster that keep...

  • What can I do when building Models?

    There are a number of actions that will make your model building job easier: -Placing cubes: every time you...

  • What is Experience for?

    Experience is what makes it possible for a player to level up in order to unlock new Islands and keep moving f...

  • How do Capsules work?

    Capsules are obtained by recovering models from the Hypercube. They contain rewards that will help you make pr...

  • What are the Models and what can I do with them?

    The Models are the figures you need to build in every Stage or in the Hypercube. The ones obtained in the Hype...

  • What settings can I change?

    Players can change the language of the game in the Settings menu. They can also disable both the music and the...
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